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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I promised I would announce our theme for this year's challenge --so here it is:
Make a doll depicting something from Children's Literature.
The media?---Your choice--
Size --we prefer under 24" in height , but again, it is your choice!
It must be original. If you use a pattern from another doll artist you must give that artist credit for the pattern. It must be one of a kind.
To join in the challenge you must be a member of Dolls As ART. (If you aren't a member, why not? Become one. go to and click on the to join button.)
The deadline for the doll? It needs to be to Suji by 28 April so it can be part of the annual photo shoot.
Oh! there is a $10. Fee to enter the challenge

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is time to introduce to you some of our members. I will start off with Jesi Ferguson, our web-master.
A lady of many talents, Jesi creates delightful dolls, is a creative writer and understands things like html and other web-site stuff. We think she has done a wonderful job on our web-site,  and are excited about some of her other plans for it.
 Here is what Jesi has written for her introductory page on our web-site:

Please check out her blog which is listed on this page. You can also find her on Facebook.

Once Upon A Moon...

Once Upon A Moon...

There was a little girl who believed in magic,
and that never changed!
My work comes from that enchanting place

where dreams are born.
I open a book inside my head and begin to read;
“Once Upon A Moon…”
and raw, unbleached flights of fantasy emerge.
Some are mischievous and wild like the mountains;
others are as dark and mysterious
as shadows that dance under a full moon.

Each character has its own personality and that dictates the materials I use to bring it to life.

I don’t choose my subjects, they choose me.
In bringing them to life, I am allowed to be a conduit
for the magic that surrounds us all.
Who could ask for more?

Please, take a look around.
Maybe the magic will find you too!

Moonbeams & Blessings,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Every year we challenge our members to make a doll using a certain theme, of group of items. Right now many of them are busily designing or working on their entry for the 2012 challenge. ( I won't announce it right now. I will keep you guessing.)

In early May we  have our annual meeting where the challenge dolls are revealed. We enjoy visiting with one another as we share a pot luck lunch. After lunch, in a home studio set up just for the occasion, we photograph our dolls. Members who can't make the meeting mail their dolls so that all of the challenge dolls can be part of the photo shoot.

The dolls from one of our challenges is on the home page of our web-site(and in the previous post). In that particular challenge we were all given identical objects and scraps of fabric to use in the making of our dolls.
As we work on our web-site ( and our facebook page, (Dolls As ART) photos from other past challenges will be added.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello world!
We are a group of doll-makers. Our dolls are not toys, but rather works of Art. Some people say we are sculptors, and I guess we are. Most of us began our artistic journey creating dolls from patterns, perhaps for play things for children and gradually moved onto creating our own designs, working in cloth, clay, fibers and other materials. Our evolved creations are now figurative sculptures, but because of our beginnings we tend to cling to the term doll-maker to describe ourselves, and we call our creations Art Dolls.

We work in variuos media; create art-works of varying themes; are from different geographic areas but are united in the passion of creating figurative art. We created the group Dolls as ART, to be a support group and an exhibiting group. We are based in New York state, but invite all makers of Art Dolls to join our group. You can learn more about our group at our web-page You can also find us on facebook: Dolls As ART

We welcome you to our blog whether you are an art doll maker, a lover of art dolls or a lover of fine art. Here, on our blog, you will learn about our artist members, our group's events and see images of many of the works of art our members create. Please stop by often.